Friday, August 31, 2012


Got a bit of a wedding theme going on this week....yes, that's just a coincidence.

While I generally prefer crime dramas when I watch TV (except for Big Bang Theory, which is just the best show ever), I'm not opposed to the occasional, reality TV train-wreck. Sometimes, the bigger the wreckage, the better.

If you agree, then Bridezillas is a show you simply must check out.

The WE original follows two brides per show in the days leading up to their wedding, showcasing all the ways in which a wedding ceremony can turn a (seemingly) normal woman into a fire-breathing monster from the planet She's Insane - otherwise known as a bridezilla.

No job is too big, expense is too high, or request is too outrageous - for everyone else. Their freak-outs are embarrassing at best, and bordering on painful. They behave like spoiled brats, throwing temper tantrums if anyone doesn't jump at their every order. One bride brought her bridesmaid to a tanning salon and yelled at her, and the technician, when the color didn't come out the way she wanted.

So why do I watch? These women are so ridiculous it's entertaining. Also, it is hard to look away - like a train wreck.

Not to mention, they are so horribly behaved, they make me look like an angel.


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  1. My boyfriend can't understand why I watch this show. I wish he would watch a little of it so he'd appreciate me a little more. I was the anti-Bridezilla at my weddings, so much so that his brother watched one of my wedding videos and remarked that no one was paying attention to me.

    I just can't get over how good some of these women have it and how P-whipped these men are.

    Should I ever marry again, I'm thinking of doing a Bridezilla gag reel with a couple of friends and calling it, "Bridezilla: Scenes We'd Like to See."