Wednesday, August 15, 2012

20 Most annoying Facebook friends

Yesterday, I posted a link to this story from Mashable on my Facebook page. Several people liked the post. But one asked the question,
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If not for these posts, what would we use facebook for?
Fair enough. Posts about kids, marketing, political posts, song lyrics, and private conversations make up the majority of my facebook feed. Thing is, I don't think these things are necessarily all bad. I mean, no one wants to see four posts a day where you quote 15 lines of some poem that only you understand. But the occasional, funny one-liner from a song or movie? That's fine.

If you're proud of your job, or your child, or you feel strongly about a cause or a business or a political point of view - share. That's all a part of who you are...and your friends (presumably) are interested in you. They'll want to see these messages - it's just not all they want to see.

Mix it up. Don't sync your Twitter to your Facebook; the audience is different. Your Facebook community does not want to see every little mundane detail. They want to see the big stuff - interesting articles, the occasional funny picture or quote, vacation pictures.

But please, please skip the vaguebooking, the vanity shots, and the urban legends/chain letters. It makes you look foolish, desperate, and a little gullible.

And the shared profile? No.

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