Thursday, February 23, 2012

I never really liked Whitney Houston

I don't really trust celebrities (except for him). I figure their job is to portray a certain image; I portray an image that's not me at my job, so I can only imagine how motivated all that wealth and power makes them to pretend.

But celebrities are still flawed, imperfect people. Sometimes, the bigger you are, the harder you really do fall. At the very heart of it, a celebrity is just a person. Each has her own history and experiences that have shaped who she is, the choices she makes, and how she reacts. A person may not deserve sympathy for having been a celebrity; but that doesn't mean she was without her problems.

When those problems are big enough - sometimes, it becomes impossible to hide them. Whitney Houston was a celebrity who stopped pretending to be perfect years ago. She made a lot of mistakes, and regardless of what actually killed her, her choices probably contributed.

Except for a brief period in junior high, I was never a big fan; but I can certainly understand why so many loved her, even if I didn't. Her music touched a lot of hearts and lives, and she had a family who truly cared for and will miss her. My heart breaks for them; my heart breaks for anyone who loses someone so young. Regardless of her choices, that's something no family deserves.

Her celebrity, and her legacy, made her death world-wide  news. I personally don't want to hear any more about a celebrity dying other than, "She died." I figure the rest is really not my business, unless charges are filed somewhere (public record and all). She passed away on a Saturday night; by Thursday, I was tired of hearing "Whitney Updates" on the radio and TV. Updates? What's to update? She's still dead, right?

The coverage got so out of control that a week later, CNN broadcast the funeral. Seriously? I only caught a few minutes because it was on the TV at the gym. I looked up and immediately noticed two things.

Most of the family was wearing sunglasses - and Jesse Jackson was sitting right up front, in full view of the camera, slouched over with his legs spread wide.

What. The. Hell?!

Yes, she was a celebrity, and comes from a celebrity family. All her friends were celebrities. She died suddenly. My feelings on the "world's leading news network" broadcasting it aside, the funeral was a big deal. She was a prominent African-American artist - so it makes sense that with all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the funeral, Jesse Jackson would show up. It even (I suppose) makes sense he'd be sitting with the family. It might even make sense he be sitting right where the camera would be on his the whole time.

But you would think that a man of his stature, at an event of this size and importance, would know how to sit. You'd think he'd at least know he should sit up straight, and at least pretend to look like he was paying attention.

I mean - he's a celebrity. Isn't pretending part of the game?

I may never have been a big fan of Ms. Houston - but I'd say she deserved at least that much on this one day.

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  1. I was a Whitney fan, but I agree with every single sentiment here. She's dead, her choices contributed in some way shape or form and nothing is going to bring her back. As for Jesse, all I can say is UGH!