Friday, November 4, 2011

Follow Friday: Genwar's random thoughts

Life is funny. Sometimes, you meet someone, and you think, "There is no possible way this person is going to like me. He's going to think I'm not intelligent/pretty/funny/snarky enough." You might also worry that, because you're different in many ways, you won't agree on anything.

Then, you listen to the guy and you realize that just because you are different doesn't mean you can't agree on some things - or intelligently debate the rest.

It also doesn't mean he won't be super-cool, and share homemade biscuits from his breakfast table, introduce you to his super-freaking-cute-daughter, or sit next to you for your first visit to the track.

GenWar and I don't always agree - but he is always worth a listen. Personally, I think his views on Kim K and politics are brilliant - but that's me. You should read for yourself and see what you think. Check his blog here

Oh - and you will be warned that it's adult content and asked if you want to continue. This is mostly for language and topics, I think. I scrolled through, and didn't see any pictures of boobs - but it's GenWar, so I wouldn't rule that out. If you're worried, treat it as Not Safe For Work, and save it for after-hours reading.

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  1. Aww...thanks. That's sweet.

    I don't know about brilliant. I think people just get caught up in the forest and forget to look at the trees. So, I'm here to set em straight :)