Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Grateful for my bed

So... I have a new full time job. I started on April 1. It was a tough decision because as unhappy as I was with some parts of my old job (which I had for almost 14 years), I had a lot of great perks. I gave those up in favor of an opportunity to start over. I never thought I'd be starting over at nearly-40 - but it seemed like the right decision.

But starting over means some training...which means some travel. As I type, I'm sitting in a hotel room, while it snows outside in Syracuse, NY. Blech.

This is the fifth night in the last two weeks I've spent away from home. I miss my bed, and being able to get my errands done, and I really, really miss my cat.

I'm grateful for this new opportunity. I'm really grateful that it's with a great company, and that my new coworkers all seem very cool. I'm grateful that I finally had the courage to give up those perks and try something new, that will be better for my future.

But - I'll be super grateful when I can sleep in my own bed.


  1. Congrats on the new job. They're lucky to have you. It's so great of you to be bold and embrace this new opportunity. ;-)

  2. This is an opportunity for Amazon things to happen for t.i pay for you every day. I am so proud of you. Joe will adjust to your brief hiatus.

  3. Good luck ! Starting over is tough I did it two years ago :)

  4. Let's try this again.This is a great opportunity for you to spread your wings a see what life has to other. I am really proud of you, my friend.