Friday, January 4, 2013

Resolve to be nice

OK, so we all know that a lot of people resolve to lose weight, get fit, etc. for New Years. If you go to a gym regularly (or even semi-regularly, like me) you know that means from January to about mid-March, the gym is extra-crowded.

I'll admit - if you're at the gym all the time, I can see why that could be annoying. I mean - you're always there, and you have your routine - and here comes all these annoying people to disrupt your place and your time.

But wait - it's not your gym, right?

Speaking from (ongoing) experience, it's tough enough to get motivated to go to the gym when it's the absolute last thing you want to do. It's even tougher when you know you're going to show up looking so much worse than so many other people - and tougher still when you know those people don't want you there, anyway.

The thing I find most amusing (read: annoying) is the people who complain about the "resolutioners" are often (not always) the same people who put down others for being overweight. Because, you know, all overweight people got that way by being lazy, self-indulgent slobs.

Just so we're all clear - you can't stand people who don't work out, think it means they're all lazy, and you have no problem saying "why don't you just lose weight?" - but you just don't want them doing that in a way that inconveniences you.

I get it - you consider yourself among those who workout hard, take care of yourself, and focus on fitness, and you consider all of that to be a positive way to live your life. I'm not saying you shouldn't be proud of that - I'm just saying, maybe consider sharing some of that positive attitude with those who could use a little encouragement?

I'm not suggesting you jump off your treadmill to make room for someone else, or do a cheer as you walk by someone new lifting weights. But you could keep the scowl to yourself, stick to the time limit for your machine (which, by the way, are always in effect, not just in January), and quit your bitching.

I have an idea - since you've already got this whole fitness thing licked - why not try making "be nicer to others" your New Years Resolution?

I promise, us nice people won't even grumble at you.


  1. The world is in dire need of nice right now.

  2. And also, you could not snark or roll your eyes at the people who aren't quite sure how to use the weights and machines properly - we're already feeling intimidated. We don't need your help feeling even worse.