Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Not dead

I swear I'm not dead. I haven't been blogging because keeping up with the gym has eaten into my personal time to the point where something had to give. For the last couple of weeks - this blog has been the something.

Speaking of the gym - I did okay on my March goals. I fell just shy of the distance goal I set - but I did improve, which is the key. Maybe even slightly more important is the fact that when I tried on last summers capris that were either tight or didn't fit at all - they fit. Every. Single. Pair.

For April, I'm increasing the distance goal and will continue to track my calories and water. I bought a scale - but I didn't like the number, so I'm not going to be standing on that again any time soon. I'll just keep trying on clothes that didn't fit before.

As for blogging - I'll try to do better. I'm taking a vacation next week, which will hopefully give me some time to catch up. (In case you're wondering - the resort where I'll be staying has an exercise facility. Can you believe I checked?! I can't.)


  1. YAY for being alive! ;)

    I'm so proud of you with your goals and don't worry about the scale...your pants measure is just fine. Go you!

  2. Awesome and enjoy your vacation!